Hagerstown Library

Christine Taylor

We refreshed the Hagerstown Library’s website with custom design and development. The client wanted to keep the look simple while focusing on the library’s main collections, which is exactly what we did. The design is clean and the colors are bold and fresh. Because the library focuses a lot on communication, a fun social wall was integrated into the site so that all the library’s social media accounts would aggregate to one feed. Social walls can serve as real-time search engines for all the various social platforms at once. Though it may seem like a no-frills feature, a social wall is beneficial to the library in hopes that they see more engagement by extending their social reach.

Overall, the functionality and design of the site is slick, purposeful and exactly what we think one would want when visiting an establishment with an abundance of information and data inside its doors.

The library’s logo also got a bit of an overhaul. The incorporation of the circle around the letters on the new mark represents Hagerstown’s history and legacy of Teetor’s Perfect Circle. The circle also represents the continuous knowledge and information that’s available to patrons made possible by the library. The openness represents accessibility and communication.

hl browser-mockup

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