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Brandon Glover

It’s not about the grain, the stain or even the furniture. It’s about so much more.

Brandon Glover stands with pride next to the table saw that belonged to his grandfather
Brandon Glover stands with pride next to the table saw that belonged to his grandfather.

“My grandfather was a woodworker. He passed away before I became interested in it.” Brandon dusted off a piece of equipment with a look of pride and said, “This table saw belonged to him.”

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Brandon purchased his home in the winter of 2013 and knew he wanted to do the repairs himself to save money. “When I moved in there was only one outlet in my garage, which was no where near what I needed for woodworking. My dad came over and helped me wire it up, so now I have multiple outlets on each wall.” Since setting up shop in his garage, he has worked on numerous projects for friends and family. “I’ve built tables, doors, benches, chairs, built-in cabinets and entertainment centers. I usually prefer to work on one project at a time so I can give it my full attention but occasionally I will have two or three going.”

We asked Brandon to name a challenge he has faced with woodworking and he explained, “A lot of planning goes into a project. From what type of wood, which pieces to pick out, how much of it will be needed as well as how to get the most out of every piece. My first wood project was an end table that I made from 2×4 and old wood.” We were curious if he still had the table and if we could get an image of it, he laughed and said, “I still have it, but it’s nothing anyone would want to see!” …We all have those ‘first’ projects tucked away in our closets!

So what is Brandon currently working on? “This chair has been the most complex thing I’ve built so far. There were no plans for it. I took the image of one I found online to Meijer and scaled it up and had to draw up my own plans. I want to make more of these. I enjoy the smaller pieces of furniture like this.” He is also working on built-in cabinets for a friend/co-worker.

Chair Brandon is currently working on
Chair Brandon is currently working on

“It’s peaceful and relaxing compared to my full time job” Glover said. It’s the American dream, basically.

After high school, Brandon worked at Reid Health as a patient transporter.  It wasn’t long before he felt the calling to make a more meaningful impact in the lives of those in the community and obtained his RN from Indiana University East.  “It just kind of fell into my lap.  In high school I didn’t plan to major in nursing.”  He continues to be a skilled and comforting face at Reid Health, working third shift in the Emergency Department.

“Woodworking is my quiet time to just destress and turn the radio on and clear my head.”  It’s about finding balance and being the best you can with what you have and where you’re at in life. Starting with only a few tools from the local hardware store and a pile of scrap wood, Brandon took a chance and began his journey as a craftsman. “I remember someone on Instagram sharing an image of dovetail corners and I just went for it. They were kinda out of my league but I grew from them,” he laughed. Projects that required tools he didn’t own, he borrowed. “There have been many times that one of the doctors I work with or a friend has lend me a tool or let me come over and use their shop.”

It’s not about the stain, the grain, or even the pieces of furniture. It’s about chasing a dream and taking a chance.


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  1. Don Day

    I knew your Grandfather very well. He would have been very proud of the caring young man you have grown to be. The wood working would have been the icing on the cake for him. He is with you where ever you go.
    Don Day MSNL, RN

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