Passion and Opportunity

Jeff Richards

I really like my job. I love the people I work with and I’m proud of the work we do. I’ve had about a half dozen jobs since I was 16… and I honestly think I’ve said the same thing about each job. Sure there were jobs I liked better than others… but I liked every one of them. Each job seemed to provide me the experience I needed at the time. I may not have realized it then, but in hindsight… they were all good fits.

You’re probably thinking I had sweet jobs. How else could someone say they’ve like every job they’ve ever had? Not really. My first few jobs, I worked fast food and at a retail drug store where on the list of jobs was mopping floors, taking out trash and cleaning toilets. Not exactly sweet jobs.

I’ve just always liked to work. I enjoy staying busy and the sense of accomplishment… no matter the size or importance of the task. I think from the very beginning of my work career, I separated my interests from the work I was doing. They were mutually exclusive.

I could go on and write another 500 words on this topic, but no one could articulate it like Mike Rowe. Please put your passion aside for 5 minutes, and take the opportunity to watch this video.

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