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We designed and developed the main public facing website for Reid Health, a 300-bed hospital and its umbrella health care organization. The previous website utilized an unresponsive table-based layout with very little visual and information hierarchy to help users find their way. We were able to reduce the site content by about 1000 pages and simplify the front page into a more easily navigable design. We migrated the entire suite of public-facing sites to WordPress over the period of a year and we continue to manage and develop them further on a daily basis.

An ongoing project whose features include:

  • Searchable laboratory catalog featuring custom fields, and over 1,000 labs
  • Service Center templates that allow for areas with sub-menu and greater content
  • Cascading featured items that allow parent pages to assign featured items to children and grandchildren
  • Find-a-Doctor tool that queries 3rd-party database and displays relevant results

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