Staying Organized for the New Year

Christine Taylor

We’re nearly a month into the new year and everyone’s resolutions or intentions are in full-swing. The gyms are packed (or so I hear), health foods, vitamins and athletic apparel are flying off the shelves, and there are about a bajillion posts out there on how to save more money, find more time or how to be happier.

You may not actually have a resolution, but if you’re like me, then you at least like to kick off the new year with a fresh start, a good state of mind, and some major or minor goals you want to hit throughout the year. If you made a resolution this year, good for you! If you’re still working toward that goal after only a few weeks, then even better!

I know that life happens, things come up and sometimes our resolutions or goals get pushed to the wayside. Even though we started the year with good intentions, they end up slipping away and that makes it easier for us to throw in the towel.

I hate getting discouraged, which is also why I hate setting resolutions (because I suck at sticking to them!)… so I tend to set a few smaller, more obtainable goals that that will encourage me and in turn, will help me set bigger goals to strive for.

One of the most important aspects of setting and meeting goals for me is staying organized. I have a planner that I get so excited to look through and fill in at the beginning of every year (because I’m that cool!). I look at the months ahead and start thinking of all the things I would like to accomplish during the year, then I start planning things out yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. Whether it’s the really important stuff like new a Netflix series to bingewatch or the slightly less important stuff like work deadlines or bills to pay off.

But really, I’m always sure to sprinkle fun things throughout my calendar, like a book or album’s release date because even though these obviously aren’t goals or important events in my life, it’s nice to have little things to look forward to.

There’s just something about looking ahead and getting a clear picture (well, kind of) of what the year holds, both personally and professionally. By writing down my goals, I’m more apt to work toward them and then hopefully cross them off! Which is in part, due to my love of lists. Lists help me focus and give me a sense of accomplishment when each little item is checked off. So when I’m able to check off a goal, no matter how small, I feel like I’m making some progress!

So since I’m all about lists, below is a list of some of the tools I use to help me stay on track with my goals and day-to-day life. Maybe these will help you too. Good luck!

Day Designer
I use this strategic planner and daily agenda at work and for myself. Not only is it really cute :), but it helps me stay on top of things during the day.

I use iCal to set up reoccurring reminders for bills, important dates and deadlines. I’m almost always near my computer or phone at work, so it’s hard to miss the reminder.

We’ve been using this app here at IronGate for a couple months now. It allows us to coordinate tasks and projects as a team and shows us a clear view of a project from start to finish.

I use this app for creating more lists (imagine that!). I use it to create project lists at work, grocery lists, and for all the other lists you need in life. I also use it to store notes and other documents.

I use Dropbox to store everything. It’s been a lifesaver both at home and at work!

I’ve been using this password manager for a couple months now. I don’t know why I waited so long to use a password manager because it has made my life so much easier!

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