Who We Are

We are a branding and design agency that uses print, web and video to bring big ideas to businesses across the country.

Located in Hagerstown, Indiana, our intimate creative and technical team helps regional and national companies and organizations focus on a core idea and communicate it in the way that is best for them, whether it be through traditional print pieces, cutting edge motion graphics, a strong web presence, or a digital marketing blitz..

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What We
Have To Say

Leave it to the impatient

October 07, 2016

I realize this stands counter to everything our culture tells us, but sometimes it is

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Can We Use Flexbox Yet?

October 05, 2016

Are we ready to move on to start using flexbox yet?

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Logo, Identity & Brand — Wait, they’re not the same?

September 01, 2016

Many hear the words brand, identity and logo and think they’re all one in the

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