The GateWay

The four phases to successfully lead you through the confusion

The GateWay

The GateWay process will reveal the state of your current brand, and make the necessary changes to eliminate confusion and clarify your message — with both employees and customers. Once your message is clear, we will help build the tools you need to push that message out in the proper channels and develop an effective marketing plan that can be measured. You can confidently share your message that positions your customer as the hero with a specific need — and your company as the guide who can fulfill that need. Followed thoroughly, the GateWay will result in a business that is positioned to grow.


This first step is geared toward learning all we can about your employee and customer perceptions. We carefully listen and talk to pillar audiences that have strong influence on your brand and culture. We review your target personas and examine all the brand touches through your customer’s journey. Your competitors’ brands are reviewed as well, which helps us find your brand voice in a crowded market. All of this information is gathered through both quantitative and qualitative research and shared with you. You don’t own your brand…your customers do.


Branding is the emotional connection your customers and employees form with your products and services. It’s an affirmative nod, or a gut reaction you get when things just feel right. Communicating these messages requires a cohesive strategy and visuals that are authentic and reinforce a true brand voice. Once your brand identity, story, and platform are established, the formula is in place to build trust and loyalty. This is the position you need to hold in order to confidently and successfully sell your products and services. It’s important to brand first, then market.


Think about all of your brand touch points. Not just with your customer’s journey, but also with your employees. Having a cohesive brand requires thoughtful design and strong execution that is relevant to everyone who encounters your brand. Creative, thoughtful growth-driven design makes it much easier to gain brand ambassadors — again, with both customers and employees. We can provide the leadership and design muscle to execute these tactics through various means such as, collateral, signage, web, digital marketing, including SEO strategy. Your success is in the details of your brand.


Our methodology is designed to eliminate confusion and guide you through the entire customer journey. From discovery to growth, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals — whether that is more viewers, increased sales, or to simply make a profit. We can help you define success, and then show you the way there. The Gateway Methodology takes all of this into consideration. This process will find truth, create trust, and build loyalty for your organization. All of this will translate to better alignment between your sales and marketing, along with more targeted and informed marketing so you can generate leads, convert sales, and grow your business. Discover, brand, design, grow… The GateWay.